About Us

We are Coffee Heroes

Here at Coffee Heroes, we love coffee. Our morning routine wouldn’t be complete without a nice hot cup of Joe, and we know many of our readers feel the same way.

For coffee lovers, it’s all about achieving the perfect brew. The only way to get this is to make sure you use the right tools. It’s about more than just having the right beans; it’s about the whole process.

Whether you are a fan of espressos, flavored lattes or cappuccinos, using the right coffee machine can go a long way in helping you to achieve just the flavors you are after.

Helping you make the right choice

With so many different coffee machines, grinders and coffee beans to choose from it can be difficult for the average consumer to make a choice.
That is why we started Coffee Heroes. As serious coffee drinkers, we wanted to help others out there make the perfect cup of coffee day after day.

We know that finding the right coffee maker for your budget and needs can take a quite a lot of time. Lucky for you, we have made the effort to do some of the hard work for you. With our guides and reviews, you can easily sort through the various coffee products on the market to find just what you are looking for.

A little testing goes a long way

When it comes to finding out more about a product, it’s important that you get a clear picture of just what you can expect as a user. It’s about more than just looking at the price and functions; it’s about getting a real understanding of the quality of coffee you can make, the durability of the product and the every day workings.

Different people have different needs from their coffee makers. Some just want to have a quick cup of coffee ready to go so they can drink something on the way to work. Others like to put in extra time and effort to create a perfect final brew. Whatever it is that you are after, there is a coffee maker out there for you.

Of course, to find the right product, you need to know exactly what each machine has to offer. That is where our rigorous testing comes in. At Coffee Heroes, we take the time to test out each individual product so you can find out more about the functions, the pros, and even the cons of the top rated machines on the market.