Ins and Outs of Coffee Smoothie

During the sunny days and in the humid environment, coffee is a perfect staple to get started the day.

If you’re like me, you need a cup of coffee every morning to infuse incredible power in your body. Similarly, if you are a journey lover and love spending time on resorts and beaches with your family and friends then let me talk about a coffee smoothie that boosts the coffee taste and gives a lot of health benefits along with making your trip memorable.

Given information regarding coffee, smoothie is packed with deep study and personal experiences

To enjoy the spice of real coffee, people add different items in coffee before they drink it.

Personally, I prefer to enlarge the size of the coffee cup with the totaling of coffee smoothie. Make your coffee almost black, strong and straight by adding smoothies having nut, butter, and banana.

Amalgamation of these ingredients in the smoothie gives the divine impression.

With the soothing taste, its intake will quench your thirst.

Besides, the mouthwatering taste of the smoothie, this addition in coffee will give health benefits. Recently, researchers have unlocked the secrets that how all these natural elements of smoothie play a constructive role in awarding perfect health to its drinkers.

Honestly speaking, I am not too much of the morning person rather procrastinated one who doesn’t take things into consideration seriously.

But, drinking coffee and eating breakfast are two things that I do in the morning.

The combination of these two makes the rest one history.

You can also enjoy the cherished benefits by combining your drinks with morning eats.

According to Lena Frost Anderson and his team of researchers at the University of Oslo and the University of Minnesota, coffee contains ingredients like antioxidants, which can increase the functionality of the immune system.

I prefer to drink my coffee in the form of ice smoothie. By doing this, I combine my breakfast and wake-up drink in one. It gives me the awesome experience to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for, preparing smoothie isn’t a rocket science. Simply, mix different ingredients in a blender and shake them until plane.

Preserve the Taste and Quality of Coffee

You have to take into account certain aspects of preserving the taste of coffee while blending the coffee with other ingredient in a smoothie.

  • For keeping the coffee as a dominant flavor in the whole, buy coffee beans of high quality.
  • Visit the well-reputed coffee shop that roasted the coffee beans within last few days.
  • Caffeine is a main ingredient of coffee, however, if it doesn’t appeal to your sense, you can get decaffeinated beans available at the coffee shops.

Characteristics of Coffee Smoothie


Every cell of the body requires protein to function properly.

Its important role in the growth of different organs is undeniable. That’s why Mayo Clinic asks the ingestion of 10 to 35 of daily calories from the protein.

Their ingestion with breakfast is an ideal choice to secure the maximum benefits. In a coffee smoothie, the addition of milk gives a buttery taste, and it contains approximately 8 grams of protein per cup. However, a variation of protein quantity exists depending on the variety of smoothie.

You can also use one cup of soy milk or yogurt as an alternative to simple milk.

Fresh Fruit

I really appreciate the addition of fresh fruit in a coffee smoothie which has multiple functions to play.

The accent of fresh fruit has fiber, mineral, proteins and above than all natural flavor. All these ingredients make coffee a perfect drink. If this is your first experience of grinding blackberries, blueberries, and cherries with the other smoothie ingredients; you don’t need to be panic because the whole of grinding process is very simple.


Sweetness is an integral component of coffee smoothie.

I find that coffee smoothies availed from coffee shops are rich with sugar.

However, too much sugar can be undesired especially for people suffering from a disease like diabetes. Besides this, even an average person should ingest coffee smoothie having a moderate amount of sugar.


No matter, what kind of smoothie you are going to prepare, ice is an essential constituent.

You can follow different methods to add it to a coffee smoothie. The night before your morning meal, keep your coffee into ice trays. Usage of ice cubes and frozen berries is also a decent way to keep everything in order.

Brewing Tips

Keep it in mind; you can only get the said benefits of a coffee smoothie when you drink it regularly.

Sometimes, people began to avoid regular coffee drinking because its taste doesn’t appeal to their taste buds.

If these sounds seem you true, you need to brew it in the right way. For extracting the all of the compounds from the coffee ground, make sure water is hot enough.

  • First of all, check the temperature of water while it is running through the coffee machine with the help of candy thermometer.
  • Remember, the coffee machine should be empty when you test the water temperature. Moderate temperature varies from 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Chlorine free or bottled water is a recommended liquid for more palatable liquid.
  • Besides this, flavorless or odorless water is a fine way to get the desired the delightful coffee.

Vanilla Banana Blast

After the strenuous work of the day, one coffee cup having banana blast smoothie can make the difference.

  • 1 Banana, Peeled and Cut
  • 1/3 cup of Vanilla Soy Milk
  • ½ tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Ice Cubes

This is a time of action and materialization of mine suggestions to make your morning perfect and enthusiastic.

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