Breville BES920XL Espresso Machine Review 2016

breville bes920xl dual boiler espresso machine
Breville BES920XL Espresso Machine Review 2016
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For those looking for the best espresso machine money can buy, enjoy a really good espresso whenever you wish and impress your friends and guests, the Brevile BES920XL is the ideal device for this very cause. We at Coffee Heroes found it to be very easy to use and at the same time providing quality espressos our customers truly love. This model has enhanced so many features from the previous models that many experts, have described it as something totally new. The double boiler in this machine allows you to extract and steam simultaneously, making our work faster and much easier to provide quality and world class espressos. This means a perfect espresso shot so long as the pressure is correctly optimized. To make it even better, Breville has gone one step further and added steam pumps and the Italian espresso. We have been definitely pleased and our customers have been heard saying, “What else could you want?”

Simple Facts

The Brevile BES920XL has dual boilers made of stainless steel that provide the best espresso possible and make the cleaning process much easier. The extraction pressure is regulated through the unique Over Pressure Valve. This is yet another way of enhancing your end product and having no problem in doing so. The exact water temperature you need is guaranteed and thermal stability, vital for a good espresso, is provided quite eloquently in this machine. The temperature and shot volume is made available in pre-set & re-programmed fashion. This provided more free time for us to see into other ways of providing better service to our customers, and simply sit down and hear their perspectives. The front tank window is a great tool that provides easy monitoring to keep a careful on the machine (not that it needs any constant babysitting at all).

  • Best price/quality ratio provided
  • Series of state-of-the-art features usually seen in much more expensive espresso machines
  • Completely user-friendly
  • Guaranteed quality espresso whenever you may wish
  • Handy descaling feature for home as cleaning these espresso machines can truly be a pain
  • Maximum extract pressure is limited
  • Pre-infusion with low pressure
  • Stable extraction temperature
  • Extraction & frothing made possible simultaneously

  • When grounds are tamped and extraction made ready, the device portafilter needs a bit more muscle power to lock it in place.
  • The device is somewhat big. Therefore, you need adequate space in the kitchen, on the countertop or any other place you are planning for.

Features & Benefits

Unlike many other machines the extraction pressure has been completely controlled, just like the water temperature, all because of the Electronic PID Temperature Controls. This enhances professional control over the device. Accurate water temperature and consistent steam with every shot brewer, which is crucial to provide a steady flow of quality espresso and allowed us to respond to our customers’ instant demand without making them wait at all. The machine’s temperature range adjustable from 190 to 205 degrees F (temp can also be viewed in Celsius format). After reading different recipes we learned that a wide variety of espressos can be provided and one major factor is the brewing temperature. And to make things more divine, the Brevile BES920XL comes with the ability of providing different roasts, origins and blends of espresso on a continuing basis.

Showcase of Breville BES920XL Functions


One of the most important aspects of this machine and brand is consistency. The one of a kind Actively Heated Group Head maintains the thermal steadiness in the unit through the whole extraction process. We saw this a very useful feature as it made the careful finishing touches of the espresso much easier and we could focus on the factors that needed our most attention. Of course, all settings are programmable to present you exactly what you are looking for whenever you wish.

Enhanced Features

This machine allows us to control the volume in advance to 2 cups at the same time and we were able to manually stop or reprogram while in the process of steaming and extraction (that is, if you change your mind at all). All espresso lovers know that the true way to tune the rich flavors in the brew you wish is to change the power level and time duration of the period. Now, what if your espresso machine allowed you to program all of the different flavors out there into various profiles into its own memory. We placed some time and tuned in the exact programing needed to deliver quality espressos, and the machine beautifully does the rest. Some of the guys in the shop call it the Coffee Robot. This unique device itself gauges, clocks the entire performance process, and monitors anything over and under to guarantee reaching the same level of precision in every espresso shot. Sometimes we found it wiser to allow the device do its work without bothering it, and the more we messed around with it the lesser the quality espresso we received. At one point, you just have to let it flow…The brewer pressure gauge guarantees constant monitoring of the extraction pressure to provide perfect brewing in all circumstances. This is one of the aspects we kept an eye one, and we recommend you do the same. To make sure the espresso never “flats” or tastes as people say “off”, the device provide real time extraction consistency. We checked the device at different times of the day and various days of the week to test if it can actually provide the same quality as time goes by, and it amazed us each and every time. Another great feature is the Backlit LCD that allows you to maintain easy monitoring on the shot clock, extract temperature, and even a normal clock to make sure you don’t miss your appointments.

Other Characteristics

Below are some standards that are a must in espresso makers but are only found in the BES920XL.
This device has an auto-start that provides you a ready espresso when you wake or when you arrive home from a long day at work, and there will be no need to wait at all. The 360 degree rotation of the swivel steam wand (don’t get caught by the name, it’s actually pretty simple) provides a full range of different actions along with a three-holed tip to ensure extremely silky texture to your espresso. A completely independent hot water channel allows you to warm you cup, which can be the difference between a happy and angry customer. You can also impress those American espresso lovers with a cup of java! To provide easy maneuvering with the cup, as we found very crucial in the first few days working with the device, a swivel foot in this brewer drops from the espresso and actually lifts the entire piece off the countertop. You can very easily pour shots for everyone without bothering anyone at all. And last but not least, easy cleaning of all drippage is also provided. As a clean workshop is always important for us, this little but important aspect helped us keep our brewer completely in order and deliver a much more professional look.


The Brevile BES920XL literally provides the best price/quality ratio in the market. Many will claims, but this device passed all our tests and we simply consider it now as part of our family. A series of state-of-the-art features usually seen in much more expensive espresso machines can be found here that make brewing an espresso very easy and quite fun. This device is completely user-friendly and there is no need to read long manuals or making constant calls to the company to ask for guidance. Guaranteed quality espresso whenever you may wish is the motto of this machine. This is no ordinary “fast-food” espresso machine that provides speedy yet low-quality espressos; this is considered a red-line. The handy descaling feature for home and store use is quite helpful because cleaning espresso machines can truly be a pain. While many people in the past deserted the idea of purchasing an espresso machine for this very reason, this device makes you think twice and provides you the best espresso money can buy.

On a safety not, the maximum extract pressure is limited to you can make sure of working in a completely safe environment. Pre-infusion with low pressure is also taken care of and we found it very useful to not have our minds focused on one less technical aspect. The extraction temperature is always stable, allowing you to continue your work on a specific trend that allows us to also increase your efficiency and of course, profit. With this device extraction & frothing made possible simultaneously. The “Razor Dosing Tool” is perfect for precision dosing and extracting on a constant basis.

This is a great machine at its price range. As it is really easy to use the “great espresso” can be found with this incredible device. The extremely great features, combined with customer service that is quite unique, end all the previous pains of making an espresso, and actually makes the entire process quite fun.

For your information, the city of Portland in northwest United States is a known home to coffee and espresso snobs. And many such gurus and experts in this city have expressed their delight about this device and the amazing high quality espressos so easily. The device is also compared to the work of professional barristas and only bested (maybe) by Italian brands that of course cost twice as much. Another factor that has caught the eyes of experts is the fact that the grind and the strength needed to meet requirements for a good espresso is provided to you by the machine itself. This device, with such very important features, is much cheaper than other models in the market with such abilities.

The only thing standing now between you and a good espresso is some fresh ground beans and some practice and patience to brew the best espresso. If you want our advice, there is nothing better than testing your imagination and don’t get tired or disappointed about failing. The motto we abide by is simple:

Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter.
Try again. Fail Again. Fail Better.


The new version provides a 2-year product warranty that is to some extent limited. However, the previous model provided a 1-year warranty; so this is a good boost.

Capacity of water tank = 2.5 liters
Power Wattage = 1700

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