Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review 2016

Gaggia 14101 Classic
Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review 2016
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Gaggia Classic

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Gaggia is a well-received Italian manufacturer of espresso and cappuccino machines. This brand offers both manual and super automatic products. The company has made its name on behalf of its good quality. Staying true to its commitment, Gaggia implemented the top notch quality to all products in its range.

A particular quality product is the 14101 Classic Espresso Machine. Luckily, I had a chance to try it out, and I am pretty pleased with it. However, it had some kinks as compared to other machines I tried. For the sake of variety, I am leaving it all to my Gaggia 14101 review below. So take your time to go through it!

Our Review

Coffee Heroes has brought another product under the spotlight. I have to say, Gaggia has again done an incredible job. The 14101 comes with a brushed stainless steel finish that never fails to make an impression. Its looks, compared with technology, makes it stand out from rest. The Gaggia classic espresso gets to enjoy every benefit of the commercial system.

It’s one of the bestselling products in the semi-automatic category. The Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine Review stands for its function, durability and consistent shots. All this is added to the perfect aroma, thick crema and mouth feel.

Moreover, it comes equipped with a commercial group and portafilter. With this unique heating element, the design contributes to longevity. In addition, it adds up to heat conductivity and final product. Gaggia started the whole latte love, as time passed, the Italian company improved its products. This was seen in 2003 that the company replaced its nickel plated carbon steel casing with the brushed stainless steel.

I was not surprised to find this powerhouse gets a 1425 watts while electric pump gets 55 watts. This fact makes the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine the strongest in its class. With that being said, the followings are its brief details with features, pros, cons and whether you should spend money on it or not.


Following, I will show you what makes this espresso machine all the sweeter!

  • Stainless Steel Housing: Gaggia Classic comes with Heavy Duty Casing for longevity
  • Three Temperature Controls: This espresso comes with two thermostats and one high limit. Thermostat maintains brew and steam temperature while high limit turns off power to prevent overheating
  • Brass Grouphead: Brass makes sure the Temperate remains stable even during brew and extraction
  • ESE Pod Capability: the Gaggia 14101 is compatible with pods and ground coffee with single shot filter basket and easy serve espresso pods
  • 5 Bar Pump: It comes with Commercial pumping power that helps for perfection to extract the coffee
  • Water Reservoir: Gaggia Espresso comes with a large removable 72oz reservoir that is refilled from the top, it can be used while the machine is working. It provides an endless supply of coffee
  • Hot Water Dispenser: A source for hot water, this helps to make Americano Coffee as well as Tea
  • Pannarello Steam Wand: The Gaggia 14101 Classic features an improved Pannarello Steam Wand for ease of use
  • Portafilter: This espresso comes equipped with a Commercial size portafilter that helps for both double shot and single shot espresso
  • Cup Warmer: Keeping the cup warm is very important! 14101 Classic Espresso comes equipped with a warmer that can hold up to 5 cups a time
  • High Voltage Broiler: This espresso heats up quickly to reach the perfect temperature setting for better brewing
  • 3 Way Solenoid Valve: Three Way Solenoid Valve is the commercial feature responsible for relieving water pressure off from coffee whenever the brew is turned off
  • Frothing Band: It helps to make heat milk, steam coffee and cappuccino along with latte drinks
  • Boiler: Gaggia 14101 is made up with a unique boiler system, it’s highly conductive aluminum with two heating elements, one embedded on exterior sides for better heat distribution while other is a high wattage system that is integrated into Low volume boiler for quick heat and temperature stability

Gaggia Classic Overview

Pros and Cons

Adding these pros and cons to the features, the Gaggia 14101 Machine makes a tough entry in semi-automatic category.

  • Flexible Coffee Pods
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Casing
  • 58mm Commercial Portafilter
  • Commercial Grade Components
  • Stable Brew Temperature with stability
  • Brass Group Head helps to refine the Espresso
  • Easy to use Switches
  • 55 Watts Pump is power to Pump water to brew and stream along with less wait and time for recovery
  • Two Piece heating elements with efficient heating
  • Plastic Milk Frother also works with Hot Water Dispenser
  • It comes with double shot filter baskets
  • 5 Bar Pump and 72 Oz tanker
  • Easy to Control
  • Compact Design
  • Uses both ESE Pod and Ground Ingredients

Cheap Plastic Frothing Tamper Wand

  • Water Tank is not clear, and Calibrated Makes hard to measure water
  • Steam Wand comes with non-articulating design
  • Steam is only 3.75 inches long; swivel is limited


Brand Gaggia
Product Name 14101 Classic Espresso Machine
Width 8 Inches
Height 14.2 Inches
Depth 9.5 Inches
Weight in LBs 20
Watts 1425
Volts 110
Casing Stainless Steel
One Touch Cappuccino No
Reservoir or Pumped Reservoir
Capacity in Oz 72
Reservoir Removable Yes
Water Level Visible
Type of Control Rocker
Number of Boiler Only One
Three-Way Valve Yes
Capsule or Pod Pod
Type of Pump Vibration
Pump Watt 55


When it comes to Home Baristas and coffee lovers, this is an ultimate machine. It’s a commercial grade machine that offers temperature stability, efficient distribution of water and brew pressure for pulling the perfect shot of espresso all the time. It can make espresso in only a minute per each cup with ground coffee. Thanks to its multifunctional design, it comes with a water dispenser and frothing wand that make different types of coffee.

Yes, the options are not only limited to espresso this time. Considering all, still the Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine falls a lag behind the Breville BES840XL. Apart from that one, it’s a perfect deal for your money.

Gaggia 14101 Classic


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